B   Brabery            勇氣 

I    Innvoation      創新

L   Leadership      領導

O  Observant       細心

K   Kindness         善良

Best Place

For Your Kid

To Begin


 Bilok Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

Our Mission

We are dedicated to help children to develop their own characters and to discover their potentials, to stimulate creative and critical thinking through encouragement and to build up self-motivation and self-learning skills by actual experience and observations.


Our Vision

We use small group approach with emphasis on group discussions and personal sharing to encourage our children to build up their confidence and communication skills. We aim to widen children’s horizon and enrich their daily experience with onsite visits and outdoor activities alongside with the assistant of multimedia devices. We aim to develop each child will facilitate development of their strengths, character, ethics and personal attributes who always with positive motivations to face the new challenges to be experienced in the learning path.

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